Best Brush For A Golden Retriever Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Brush For A Golden Retriever

Pets are amazing companions. But not all pets are made equal. If you have a furry friend like the golden retriever, then you will know that these large pet friends need some pretty special attention in order to stay healthy.

The biggest asset of any retriever is the long, golden shiny mane of fur they possess. However, this great coat of fur can easily become a source of suffering for them! It is your duty, as the owner, to take proper care of it and make sure that no tangling or matting occurs in the fur.

In order to ensure this, you will have to find the best brush for a golden retriever and incorporate the right cleaning techniques. We will help you with both of these in this article!

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 5 Picks of Best Brush For A Golden Retriever

ProductRatingCheck Price
FURminator for Dogs4.7 Check on Amazon
DakPets Deshedding4.6 Check on Amazon
Hertzko Self Cleaning4.5 Check on Amazon
GoPets Dematting Comb4.4 Check on Amazon
Pro Quality Self Cleaning4.5 Check on Amazon


How Does a Brush For A Golden Retriever Work

Golden retrievers shed a lot of furs, but all of the loose furs stay stuck in the whole coat of fur. Due to this, brushing is essential for golden retrievers! It removes loose fur that stays stuck in the thick coat of fur and allows air to pass through the fur-coat in order to allow space for breathing.

As a result of this inflow of air, the dog doesn’t have to suffer the pain of itches and rashes. After every stroke through the fur, you need to take the brush out and remove the fur accumulated fur. Otherwise, all your work will be in vain.

Most brushes come with a push button that lets go of all the fur, thus making the task much easier for the user.


5 Best Brush For A Golden Retriever

Going to grooming professionals will cost you a lot of money. But why do that when you can give it the best grooming at home? All you need is a good quality brush! To help you to choose, we have made a list of our top 5 recommendations. Have a look!

  1. FURminator for Dogs

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for DogsIf you have a furry dog, we have no doubt that you have heard about this brush. Among all the other brands you can find in the market, we must say that this one takes the cake in terms of the hype. Not without good reason, though. It will be as easy for you to use this tool as it will be comfortable for your dog.

The brush has amazing stainless steel teeth that will go through the long golden locks of your golden retriever very smoothly. Stainless steel is a good choice for the edge because this steel is very malleable, and it can be cut and shaped out into very thin but strong teeth.

You will never have to struggle with getting the loose hair out of these supremely thin teeth, either. There is a button on the back of the brush head, which they call the “FURejector”. On pressing this button, all the fur stuck between the teeth will just be released effortlessly!

No other detangler is as simple to work with as this one. Speaking of the simplicity of use, we must mention the user-friendly handle that allows you to have a very solid grip on the comb. This is very important because sometimes some handles snap off mid-action even if the teeth do not.

But since the FURminators are professionals in their area, they have taken care of every single aspect of these brushes and made them perfectly solid and sturdy for use.  Even if your dog is massive, you have no reason to worry. This brush is particularly designed for dogs that have a lot of hair and a big body.

Highlighted features:

  • Will serve dogs that are in the weight range of 51 – 90 lbs
  • Has a sturdy handle that doesn’t yield to pressure
  • Very efficient, thin and strong stainless steel teeth
  • It has an ejector button that makes it easy to get rid of the fur

  1. DakPets Deshedding

DakPets Deshedding BrushOne of the best things about this de-shedding tool is that it has been designed by consulting experts in the field of animal care. The result is, of course, that this brush is more pet and owner-friendly than most others you will find at this price point.

All the materials that went into the making of this brush have been selected with the consideration of the delicate skin that lies beneath all the tough fur of your pet. It has a 10 mm – 4-inch blade that is non-irritable and, therefore, completely safe to be used on your pet.

This blade is replaceable, and you can buy it separately in any grooming store. However, to ensure that you do not have to look for replacements too often, the blade comes with a protective cover! The cover is to keep air and moisture away from the blade so that it stays nice and sharp for many long months in a row.

You can use this brush to detangle any size of pet you have. From small fur to the long golden fur on retrievers, this brush will be able to handle it all!  The strong, thin stainless steel bristles of this brush will do a thorough job of brushing the dense fur of your golden retriever without a bit of struggle from your end.

Brushing and grooming are made so easy with this versatile tool that this task, which was so daunting to you before, will soon become an easy daily practice!

Highlighted Features:

  • The blade comes with a cover-protection
  • It has a very non-irritating and gentle quality to it
  • Long teeth of the comb reach in the depth of all the fur
  • The detachable blade can be used on its own to do the job in the tricky areas

  1. Hertzko Self Cleaning

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker BrushYou need to have a slicker brush in your care unit if you have a furry animal. Slicker brushes are absolutely amazing in cleaning the tiny loose fur of your pet friend without agitating it in any manner. One factor that makes this particular brush stand out among many others in the market is that it can clean itself.

Yes, you’ve read correctly. There is a small push button on this brush that you can use to release the hair that gets stuck in the bristles. These bristles are made with bent wires that have been hammered into very thin strips. Now you might be thinking that the bent wires will be too soft to break through the coat of dense fur!

Fortunately, this is not the case. The bristles are so fine that they can find the perfect little spacing to go through the mass of fur on the animal’s body and then pull out all the loose fur from underneath. This will help to get all the knots out of the hair.

Since the bristles are so soft, they will not be poking into the skin of your pet, and neither will they cause any allergic reaction. The benefit of these bristles extends to the physiological needs of your dog as well. It increases blood circulation, which is extremely important to ensure that they have an overall healthy growth.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft and fine bristles that are easy on the skin
  • The wired bristles go into the fur very thoroughly
  • Has very comfortable handles that are easy to maneuver
  • Increases blood circulation by lightly massaging the skin without hurting

  1. GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting CombIf you want to have some professional help for the grooming of your pet, but are not a fan of the huge sum of money every visit costs you, then this suggestion of ours will be perfect for you. This comb has brushes on two sides of its head. The number of teeth on each side is different too!

One side of the brush has dense teeth, and the other side has fewer teeth. You can use the two sides for different purposes. The side with more teeth is good for deshedding, detangling, and cleaning fur from the undercoat, and the side with fewer teeth will be used for dealing with stubborn knots and tangles.

Overall, the advantage of this is that you will be able to use the same brush for daily maintenance and also for taking more specialized care on a monthly basis. Working with this brush will be a pleasant experience for you. It has a special handle that is very comfortable to hold.

The handle is made with silicone. This material is very soft and non-slippery. Due to these properties, it can adjust to the shape of the fingers and lock in your grip. No matter how stubborn the tangles are, you will always be able to control the force and the motion of the comb.

All the components of the brush are made with extreme care. They provide the greatest assistance to the owner who uses them and satisfaction to the pets that they are used on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bristles on both sides of the head for different uses
  • The handle is very soft and easy to hold
  • Has multiple purposes and can serve as an entire grooming kit all by itself
  • You can use it detangle, dematt, and also to de-shed all the loose fur

  1. Pro Quality Self Cleaning

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker BrushThis is another slicker brush of very high quality. It has a lot of bristles on it – the classic slicker brush that everyone likes to use so much. Detangling is very important for the health of your pets. You have to use this brush on your pet for just about 5 minutes, and all the tangled mess will be removed efficiently.

The incredible speed with which you can get work done with this brush is mostly due to the fact that it has a head that measures to about 5 whole inches! This is a very good size for a brush head as it can take care of both small and big pets! The bristles are very delicate, and so your pet will not get hurt by them at all.

One of the biggest drawbacks of slicker brushes is cleaning them. You will be glad to know that this product has a button that you can push and have all the fur come out of the machine without any hassle. This brush has also been approved by veterinarians and grooming experts all over the world.

Hygiene is very important for any animal, and especially the ones that live inside the house. So, make sure that you don’t skip the practice of taking proper care of the furry coat of your animal on a daily basis. Just hold on to these ergonomic handles firmly and get right into business, as you should. You will be done in no time at all!


Highlighted Features:

  • The handle is very durable and strong
  • Daily cleaning helps their blood circulation
  • Takes care of both shedding and non-shedding tools
  • Stainless steel bristles do the work without being too harsh

What To Look For In A Brush For A Golden Retriever

Now that you have read our brush for a golden retriever review guide, make a judgment on the quality of your brushes by considering these factors below.

  • Length of Their Fur

When buying the brush or comb, you need to make sure that they are made sturdy enough to resist breaking under pressure. The length of fur most golden retrievers have is medium. But you still need to check the features of the brush to find out if it will be suitable and durable enough for your particular dog.

  • Skin Sensitivity

Some golden retrievers have very sensitive skin. Due to being covered by so much fur, many people do not realize how delicate their skin is. You need to get a brush that has soft bristles in order to protect the skin from getting scratched off.

Another factor involving the skin is that some brush materials cause rashes or allergic reactions on the skin. Different dogs are allergic to different materials. For this reason, you need to consult a doctor before you go shopping for a brush or a comb for your furry friend.

  • Flexible Pins

You need to look closer to see if the pins in the brush are adjustable to pressure. This is very important in any brush you get for your pet. You can’t always maintain consistency in the distance between the bristles and the skin underneath the animal’s furry coat.

So if the pins are bendable, they will ease back up and become slanted when too much pressure is applied – this will save the animal from getting pricked with you’re brushing it.


How To Use A Brush For A Golden Retriever

To keep the golden locks of your gorgeous golden retriever in their prime state, you have to know how to use the brush properly. The wrong tugging and pulling will only cause more harm than benefit. Incorporating the proper technique in brushing is the key to prevent mats from forming in your dog’s fur.

Once every week, you have to use a de-matting brush to comb the fur so that you can prevent mats from forming. Remember to comb on the underside of the body as well, in order to prevent matting in those areas. As a daily practice, use slick brushes to detangle the fur and keep it nice and clean.

The proper way to use the brush is to hold the brush in a tight grip and to lightly go over the whole body of the dog, starting from head to toe. Maintain consistency in the direction in which you brush, and make sure that you pay extra attention to the areas where the fur is thicker.


In this section, we will try to answer some of the questions you might not have answers to.

  1. What tools do I need to groom a golden retriever properly?

The long beautiful fur of these dogs needs to be maintained regularly so that they stay healthy. You will need to get both a brush and a comb to clean thoroughly into the dense fur and the tricky corners of their bodies!

  1. How often do I need to groom them?

If you can manage time for it, then grooming it twice every week will be the most beneficial for it to maintain the prime state of its health. However, it will be enough to comb and brush your dog thoroughly once every week as well.

  1. How do I take care of them in the shedding season?

The shedding season usually happens 3 weeks into the months of spring and then 3 weeks into the months of autumn. During these times, you will have to brush your dog thoroughly every day of the week!

  1. Do I need to give my dog a bath before every grooming session?

Yes, it would be easier for you to detangle the fur if you do it on washed hair.

  1. Should be I shaving my dog to keep it cool in the summer?

No, you absolutely must not any such thing! The special type of fur on these animals keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. All the shedding that needs to happen will happen naturally during the shedding season. Other than that, you just need to brush, shampoo, and trim the hair. That’s all.

  1. Should I keep my dog outside or bring them inside?

Golden retrievers are extremely well behaved and friendly creatures. You can keep them inside. Make sure they get lots of social interaction. Otherwise, they get terribly bored!

  1. How long should a healthy golden retriever be expected to live?

If it is a healthy dog, then you can expect it to live for 10 – 12 years on average.

  1. Should I leave my children around this dog?

These dogs are very happy and playful by nature. But while they are puppies, they tend to be a bit too energetic! You should be careful with keeping your children unattended with an excitable puppy. However, it will be safe with a full-fledged adult dog.


Final Thoughts

Grooming your golden retriever is not only necessary, but it is also recommended as a nice way to bond with your pet! But be careful not to hurt your dog during the process.

While shopping, keep in mind that because of the long and thick fur, you should get nothing but the best brush for a golden retriever! These are very precious and beautiful animals that need just the right kind of care. So, we hope we were able to help you find the right tool for it. Best of luck with the sessions!