Best Cat Strollers Review and Buying Guide

Best Cat Strollers Reviews

There is a misconception about how active cats can be. Because of this, any cat owner—despite wanting the best life for their cat—can forget that their furry friend might sometimes want to go outside and experience the real world.

But that can change, thanks to something called cat strollers. Yes, they’re exactly what they sound like: strollers (or prams, or whatever you call them), but for cats! Especially if your cat is particularly feisty or easily scared by the outside world, these are a great solution.

So today, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best cat strollers for your consideration, along with a look into their functionality and benefits.

So let’s get started!

In a Hurry? Take a Look at Our Top 5 Picks of Best Cat Strollers

ProductRatingCheck Price
Pas & Pals Dog Stroller4.5 Check on Amazon
BestPet T13 Pet Stroller4.5 Check on Amazon
VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller4.4 Check on Amazon
BestPet Pet Stroller4.4 Check on Amazon
Pet Gear No-Zip4.3 Check on Amazon

How Does a Cat Stroller Work?

Before we get into our cat stroller reviews, first, let’s have a look at how these things work and what factors work together for their operation.

To boil it down to basics, a stroller is basically a chair with wheels. Really, it’s quite simple: if you’ve seen a pram for a baby, then you’ll already have a good idea of what a cat stroller does or looks like.

The main difference, however, is that a cat stroller is obviously of a smaller size. Depending on the size of your cat, though, or even how feisty she is, you can opt for a larger one that will contain her better.

A cat stroller is mainly operated using attached wheels, which allow you to move the stroller around with the cat inside. And, of course, there will be a large handle for you to rest your hands on and push the stroller. The stroller might or might not have a covered opening.

Most strollers will also come with a parking brake to allow you to stop it in its tracks when the need arises. Furthermore, they might also come with a belt or leash system to allow you to contain your cat better.


7 Best Cat Strollers

So now, without further ado and after much research, we present to you our favorite cat strollers currently on the market. May you find the right fit for your furry friend!

1. Pas & Pals Dog Stroller

Paws & Pals Dog StrollerThis first stroller we’ve selected for your consideration is a lightweight, yet solid 3-wheeler, with a host of great features that tick all our boxes for a great stroller.

First, let’s talk about the design. With a zippered opening and window shades of mesh, the safety and security of your cat is ensured at all times while also providing him ample ventilation. To add to that is the collapsible cover (or canopy), which further enhances the airflow style that the design of the stroller facilitates.

Now let’s talk about mobility. The wheels on this thing are extremely sturdy and have been equipped with the ability to rotate fully; meanwhile, the front wheels have been made to absorb shocks effortlessly.

So, no matter whether you’re strolling over smooth concrete, a bumpy sidewalk, grassy plains, or even rough terrain, you’ll be enjoying great maneuverability. Plus, the rear lock brakes also ensure higher security.

But there’s no point to all these great features unless they can stand up to wear and tear, which—wait for it—they can! Made from only the highest quality materials, you can rest assured this stroller will last you many a sunlit, moonlit or otherwise-lit stroll with your fur babies.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in color choices of beige, pink, blue and gray
  • Mesh windows ensure good ventilation at all times
  • Can be folded into a compact size with just one button press
  • Can be used for a large puppy as well as 2-3 small cats
  • The lightweight 3-wheel design makes it easy to maneuver
  • The cover is retractable should you choose to do so
  • Comes with a big undercarriage for storing snacks or toys

2. BestPet T13 Pet Stroller

BestPet T13 Pet StrollerWhile it’s true that we only want the best for our pets, there’s also no good reason why anyone should pay a fortune for a stroller if they can pay far less and still get a great product. Constructed from extremely durable materials and made for convenience, this cute little three-wheeled stroller fits the bill.

So what do we love about this stroller? Let’s start with maneuverability because that is of the greatest importance: the hardy large wheels of 6.3 inches each and a 360° rotational ability ensure that you’ll be able to take this thing almost anywhere.

Assembling and disassembling this thing is also a walk in the park (yes, pun intended). You won’t need any tools to put it together the first time, and when you need to put it away or pack it up for travel, that is easily done, as well.

But your needs have been kept in mind, too; this thing comes with a cup holder right near the handle, so that you can be sipping your coffee as you walk your baby. And speaking of thoughtful little touches, there’s also a little ring inside to which you can clip your cat’s leash.

All in all, there’s very little we have to complain about with regards to this stroller. It’s totally worth your money!

Highlighted Features

  • Features large wheels of 6.3 inches to facilitate easy mobility
  • Comes in an appealing variety of colors
  • Constructed from Oxford cloth for durability and weather resistance
  • Features a cup holder near the handle
  • Can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily
  • Includes a soft and comfortable blanket for kitty to sit on
  • Features easy and convenient storage spaces for all your things

3. VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

VIVO Four Wheel Pet StrollerIt’s time to move away from three-wheelers and have a look at a four-wheeler instead, and there’s no better place to start than this sleek little thing from Vivo.

Made with materials of premium quality, this sturdy stroller is big enough that it can fit multiple fur babies at once, with dimensions of 19″x12″19. Their comfort is also ensured thanks to the 3 separate zippered access points that allow easy access for both you and your pet.

Like any other respectable cat stroller, this one also comes with mesh windows. The top window especially is made to allow higher-visibility so you can check out what your fur baby is up to at all times. If you wanna get an even better look, the top is easily folded back.

There’s a world of convenience to be accessed with this stroller, as well. This thing comes with two whole cup holders for both your juice and your coffee, while the center tray allows you to store snacks, treats, keys, or your cellphone with ease.

And when you’re done walking baby for the day, just access the two latches on the side of the cart to collapse the stroller in its entirety.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully foldable in just a few quick and easy steps for easy storage
  • Comes in sophisticated color options like green and orange
  • The handle is fully padded for your continued comfort
  • Comes with a spacious undercarriage to fit all your and your pets’ essentials
  • Can accommodate up to 30 pounds of weight from your pets
  • The mesh windows allow for reliable airflow and ventilation
  • Easily fits up to 3 medium-sized cats or even 2 dogs

4.  BestPet Pet Stroller

BestPet Pet StrollerBestPet is a brand we’ve already covered, so you know it’s a good brand; this one in particular, though, is one we like a lot better. With a range of high-functioning features, this one is one of our favorites—let’s have a deeper look.

So the first thing you need to know about this thing is that it can accommodate up to 33 pounds of weight. This means you can put your big babies inside this thing without worrying it’ll collapse; at the same time, you’ll be surprised at its maneuverability and light weight.

That owes itself to the sturdy construction: the stroller is made from aluminum alloy, which offers not only longevity but also reliable strength.

But the resilience of this stroller doesn’t end there, thanks to the combination of waterproof nylon and weather-resistant Oxford cloth. The breathable mesh windows do a great job of supplying adequate airflow to your pets while on the move.

Accessibility is the name of the game with this thing. The front of the stroller is zippered to allow both you and your pet to interact with each other, and for him to enjoy the outside world. Plus, the inner pad is completely removable to let you clean effortlessly.

Highlighted Features

  • Intuitive handle design allows for greater maneuverability
  • Compact design after being collapsed is only 10.3 pounds
  • Constructed from breathable mesh and waterproof fabric
  • The high-density exterior Oxford cloth construction is easy to clean
  • Wheels have 360-degree rotation ability and easy, safe brakes
  • Comes in a choice of 8 different colors to suit every kind of owner and cat
  • Highly affordable compared to other strollers with the same features

5. Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet StrollerThis four-wheeler we’re about to show you next is undoubtedly one of the most innovative strollers we’ve seen while doing our research, thanks to its no-zip design.

“Wait, no zips!?” You might be thinking. “How will I keep the kitty contained?” That’s a very valid question. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need a zippered entry; a latch can do the job just fine.

The main difference, though, is that a latch offers convenience benefits that zippers don’t. No zippers translate to less hassle, especially when you’re out and about. This stroller proves that the no-zip system undoubtedly allows for much easier access.

Add to this the large view window, which the manufacturers claim afford your pet a “panoramic” view. We’re all in for any stroller that gives our pets a panoramic view!

We’re also a big fan of the Air Ride wheels. They not only enhance the stroller’s mobility and ability to glide effortlessly but also work to stabilize the stroller.

One great thing about this stroller is that comes in a variety of specifications. The one we’re reviewing can accommodate up to 25 pounds of weight, but models that can support up to 100 pounds are also available.

Highlighted Features

  • The included liner is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Features a cup holder for your drinks while out and about with your fur baby
  • The storage basket is spacious enough for all of you and your pets’ belongings
  • The entry is zipper-less to give your pet a better view of the outside
  • The front wheels come with reliable shock absorbers to navigate most terrains

6. Paws & Pals Double Stroller

Paws & Pals Double Pet StrollerDid you think cat strollers only came in single-cat specifications? If you did, you’d be wrong; and if you think that a double-chamber stroller will set you back a larger amount than a single-chamber one, then you’d also be wrong.

There’s so much to love about this stroller, and all of it comes at a nearly unbelievable price. For starters, this stroller has a total capacity of 100 pounds, with each chamber being able to hold up to 50 pounds each.

And it does this admirably, as well. The frame is constructed from resilient iron tubing with long-wearing plastic parts. As for the carriages themselves, they are built using durable and weather-resistant polyester cloth.

And because this thing is so big, it uses multiple entry points to provide you with access. Furthermore, the canopy is adjustable, so you can open and close effortlessly according to your needs.

But even despite all these features, this stroller is almost unbelievably lightweight. Furthermore, quite impressively, it can be folded completely flat. We’re not kidding: the carriages, under-carriage storage space, and mattress are all removable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance as well as storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Can accommodate 2-4 medium-sized cats or puppies
  • Can be folded flat in just a few easy steps for easy portability and storage
  • Features multiple entry points for easy access
  • Each basket can support up to 50 pounds of weight
  • The canopy/hood is adjustable for easy opening and closing
  • All components of the stroller can be collapsed and compressed for storage

7. Flexzion Pet Stroller

Flexzion Pet StrollerWe’re ending our list of reviews of cat strollers today with a cute and lightweight little thing that will be particularly well-suited to less active or smaller cats.

The stroller has all the features you might ask for, from easy foldability and a large undercarriage storage space. Also built into the design are a cup holder and tray for your convenience while walking your fur baby.

We love that this stroller provides both front and rear entry points for greater accessibility. Adding to this is the mesh canopy, which will no doubt ensure that your fur baby stays cool no matter the weather. Plus, the nylon used in making this thing is also water-resistant, which is a huge advantage in most cases.

In total, this stroller can hold up to 30 pounds of weight; however, the undercarriage does run the risk of being weighed down if you put too many objects in it—that’s what allows it to retain its lightweight characteristic.

On that note, although we love how lightweight this thing is, that does add some concerns as to the overall durability of the stroller; it might not perform as well on rockier terrain or with heavy items in the undercarriage. If you have a small cat, you only intend to take out every now and then, though, there’s nothing to worry about.

Highlighted Features

  • Can accommodate up to 30 pounds of weight easily
  • The mesh windows allow for enhanced breath-ability and airflow
  • Comes in 7 different colors including orange and neon yellow
  • The long and sturdy handle makes maneuverability that much easier
  • Included undercarriage storage space can fit most implements
  • Extremely lightweight design makes it ideal for smaller cats

What to Look for in a Cat Stroller

Let’s face it: a stroller is probably one of the more expensive things you’ll buy for your cat. So here’s what to keep in mind before spending all that money.

  • Size

A stroller is no good unless it can house your cat comfortably, and that depends on its size. It must also have enough space for your cat to sit up and move around.

If you plan to place multiple cats in the stroller, you should obviously purchase a bigger stroller. A good place to start is by measuring your cat’s height and comparing that to the stroller’s height.

Remember: a too-big stroller is far preferable to a too-small one.

  • Maneuverability

A stroller is only as good as its mobility, so it’s important to select one that is easy to maneuver and push around. The front wheels should have the ability to pivot, while the back wheels should not create too much drag.

Generally, the best thing to do is to choose a stroller with air wheels, which allow your stroller to glide easily and smoothly over most roads. If strolling on uneven ground (e.g., while on a hike), then consider a stroller with rubber-filled wheels; they create more stability.

  • Durability

A stroller is meant to be taken out regularly, and quite obviously, it should be able to do that without falling apart. It needs to be sturdy enough that it can easily support the weight of your pet(s). Furthermore, it should be able to withstand shocks from bumps in the sidewalk.

Generally, the higher the price, the more durability you can expect from the stroller. However, if you’re not planning on using the stroller much, then you can probably get away with buying a cheaper model.

  • Safety

Nothing is more important than keeping your fur baby safe. Sometimes, when you’re out and about, he might be tempted to jump out. Because of this eventuality, it’s usually better to opt for a stroller with a hood.

But that doesn’t mean that “open” models cannot be built for safety. In fact, most strollers will come with a belt or harness system that can help you keep kitty contained.

Also, remember to check out the ventilation system in the stroller, especially if it’s a covered model; you don’t want kitty to overheat!

  • Storability

Most cat strollers are lightweight to allow for easy storage; if you buy a heavier one, it’ll be a lot more work to take it out. However, it’s important to keep in mind that lightweight models tend to be less durable.

The good news is that most strollers will be foldable to allow for easy storage. In fact, we think a non-foldable one isn’t entirely worth your money.

  • Cleaning

No matter how well trained your kitty, there’s always a chance he’ll have an accident in the stroller. Accordingly, select a stroller with a waterproof cover/liner, and lining/padding that is machine-washable.

How to Use a Cat Stroller

Using a cat stroller might seem pretty simple: all you have to do is put her inside and push, right? Wrong! First, follow these steps.

Step 1: Introduce Kitty to Her Stroller

It’s important to first acquaint your cat with her stroller before you take her out in it. Bring it inside; let her sniff at it and inspect it. For good measure, put a treat or two in the seat, so she makes a positive association.

Step 2: Get Her Used to the Lid!

This is extremely important as it will determine the kitty’s confidence while riding in the stroller. Once you’ve gotten her to jump into the seat, casually open and close the lid a few times. If she stays inside the stroller after you re-open the lid, reward her with a treat!

Step 3: Test the Harness and Belt

As we mentioned above, most strollers will come with a built-in harnessing system. Before you take your fur baby out, test the size specifications by gently strapping her in and making any required adjustments.

Step 4: Do a Test Drive

… but not outside. Gently put her in the stroller, strap her in, and make a few rounds with the stroller inside your home. Do this over 3-4 days. If she jumps out of the stroller, gently place her back, and reward her if she stays put.

Who Needs a Cat Stroller?

You might be wondering, why not just harness the cat? Why buy a stroller? Well, you could try it, but you’ll most probably notice that he isn’t very eager to be harnessed.

Cat strollers are a far safer and easier option of taking your cats out. Many cats can be feisty and anxious, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to see the outside world; a stroller solves this problem. That’s why a cat stroller is my favourite invention after non tracking cat litter.

Plus, a behavioral trait you’ve probably already observed in your cat also plays into it: cats prefer to perch on elevated places; they are most comfortable there. A stroller lets them do this while also enjoying the external environment.

Another benefit of a cat stroller is that it allows your furry friend to take in his surroundings while feeling calm, safe, and contained. This can be especially advantageous for cats with an inclination to anxiety.

So to answer your question: every cat owner should get a stroller!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using a cat stroller?

There are many! Not only do they allow your cat to explore the outside world with ease and comfort, but are also a much safer and more comfortable option for your cat than using a harness. Especially given that most cats tend to be anxious and skittish, strollers are a great option to keep them contained while allowing them to enjoy themselves.

2. How do I get my cat to stay put in his stroller?

The most important thing is initiation: get your cat used to the stroller (the steps are outlined in detail in a separate section above). Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that most strollers come with a harnessing or belt system to help better contain your kitty.

3. Will my cat actually enjoy being taken out in a stroller?

Most cats do; otherwise, strollers probably wouldn’t be manufactured anymore. This is because, as you may already know, cats feel safest when they are sitting in closed, elevated spaces.

The key, however, is to get your cat used to the thing first. Remember, strollers provide an easy way to treat your cat to some fresh air while also keeping them safe. You might face some resistance at first, but it’s worth it for the both of you.

4. How can I ensure that my cat will enjoy his rides in the stroller?

It can be a long process because some cats do tend to get scared if you try to put them in a stroller. However, with patience, you can get them used to it: leave the stroller around your house for a few days while kitty gets used to the smell and the feel of the thing. Place treats inside the seat to create a positive association. It’ll pay off.

Final Thoughts

So that concludes our round-up of strollers currently to be found on the market. Our top pick would have to be the BestPet T13 Pet Stroller as it fits all our criteria of what makes the best cat stroller.

If you can spend a little more, though, the Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller is also a great choice.

And if you’re still unsure, why not head back to our buying guide and have a look?

Either way, good luck and happy strolling!