Best Ferret Cages Reviews in 2019 – Expert’s Recommendation

Ferret Cages Review

Ferrets are an increasingly popular pet choice. They’re cute, active, entertaining and affectionate pets that quickly form lasting bonds with their owners.

And they’re highly curious little beings. They love climbing into sinks and bathtubs, playing with toys, and digging holes. Yes—they do require a lot of supervision.

That’s why a good cage for your ferret is essential. It will keep him active with the toys you provide.

But which one is the best ferret cage out there? The truth is that there are many.

No need to go out of your way—we’ve rounded up the best ones for you here, along with a comprehensive buying guide.

In a Rush? – Check Our Top 5 Picks of Best Ferret Cages

Top 10 Best Ferret Cages in 2019

After hours of research, we now present to you our picks of the finest ferret cages on the market right now. We hope you find what you’re looking for here!

1. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret CageA cage that allows your ferret to move around and play freely is most worth your attention. Take this one from Prevue, with 4 levels, which can be the difference between a boring like and a fulfilling one for your ferret.

The multiple shelves, ramps, and included hammock (undoubtedly our most favorite feature) will provide endless entertainment for your little guy(s). You can use the shelves to store supplies, toys, and treats.

The set-up of the levels is also quite intuitive. And the mid-level floor acts as a division between the two halves of the cage, and it can be opened or closed according to your needs. If you have 2 ferrets, for example, this function can be used to create two separate spaces for them.

And on that note, you should know that the best ferret cage for 2 ferrets is the one that comes with multiple levels. So, this is a great choice if you have 2 of these cuties.

Now, let’s talk about some features. The two front doors are large and easily accessible and come with sturdy locks, which will ensure your ferret doesn’t escape. The included debris tray is also placed conveniently to make cleaning easier, and it’s held in place using a wind-bell lock, as well.

Do note that assembling this thing takes a while. If you can do it carefully and attentively, though, you’re good to go for a few years, thanks to the durable wrought iron construction. For the price, we think it’s a good deal.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a hammock for your ferret’s comfort and entertainment
  • The cage includes 2 platforms and 3 ramps
  • Powder coating ensures your ferret won’t get sick from nibbling
  • Comes with caster wheels for easy portability
  • Integrates a storage shelf for easy accessibility

2. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Midwest Deluxe Critter NationThe next cage on our list is definitely on the more expensive side—however, it’s one of the most highly rated two-story ferret cages currently on the market. And with good reason! When you learn what this cage can offer, you might get an idea of why the manufacturers have named it the “ultimate habitat” for small pets.

This double unit cage features two each of adjustable shelves and pans, along with 3 covered ramps. The plastic full-width pan floor ensures that your furry friend has a generously sized play area.

However, the makings of an awesome ferret cage are not just in keeping your little guy healthy and safe, even though that’s the first priority. Your needs as an owner are also important.

Accessibility is key when it comes to a good cage; the full-width double doors on this thing provide just that. Cleaning this thing is also super easy thanks to the easily removable base pans.

The dual-locking door latches are another feature we love about this cage. Not only do they ensure the maximum safety and security of your ferrets, but they also allow you to open and close them one-handedly.

This cage also comes with attachment points should you choose to hang up extra implements for your ferrets to play and live on, such as a hammock, or tubes to slide through.

Highlighted Features

  • The size and features make this a perfect habitat for 2 ferrets
  • Fully compatible with additional implements such as tubes and hammocks
  • The ramp covers ensure that your ferret’s feet are well-protected
  • Cleaning and feeding your ferret(s) is super easy due to easy accessibility
  • The cage is easily maneuverable due to the casters

3. Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat

Kaytee HabitatsThe next cage on our list is also one of the more affordable ones we’ve selected, so if you’re on a budget, then this will interest you. That’s because, despite costing far less, this cage has many of the features you can expect from more expensive ones.

Why do we say that? Well, first of all, like any respectable ferret cage, this one has multiple levels with ramps to allow your ferret to easily access them. This, of course, means that your ferret will have ample space to play in, which is essential.

The cage is constructed from plastic and metal, which give it decent stability and durability. The narrow wire spacing will keep your mind if you’re worried about your feisty ferret escaping. Plus, the locks on this cage are chew-proof as well, so don’t worry about your ferret being able to find his way out.

Did we mention we’re also a fan of the soothing green color? It’ll go great inside a colorful living room or covered patio where your furry friend can chill out when you’re not around.

Cleaning this thing is also pretty easy, thanks to a deep base. This will stop your bedding and litter from spilling out. Furthermore, the wide front doors will allow you easy access when you need to clean.

The dimensions of this cage are 30.5”x18”x30”, making it an ideal starter home for one ferret. However, if you have 2 ferrets, you should consider opting for a larger cage.

Highlighted Features

  • Assembly is super easy due to no requirement for tools
  • The deep base ensures that litter and bedding won’t spill
  • Extra ½” wire spacing to stop your ferret from escaping
  • Multiple levels will keep your ferret occupied for hours
  • The solid plastic shelves are ideal for storage

4. Marshall Pet Products Folding Ferret Mansion

Marshall Pet Products Folding Ferret MansionYes, you read the title right—this product is not marketed as a ferret cage, but rather as a ferret mansion. And no, it’s not an overstatement, because take it from us: this thing is huge. Standing at 37”x25”x54”, it’s easy to see why this is a top choice for owners of multiple ferrets.

However, a good ferret cage is really only as good as the quality of its construction, and with this thing, you definitely get what you pay for. The price might seem a little high at first, but this is an extremely durable and sturdy cage that will last you for many years to come.

Setting it up, or disassembling it, is also a breeze. The mansion is designed to be foldable, which means tools aren’t required to set it up or take it apart. And even if you need to move it as it is, that’s also easily done thanks to the rolling casters.

Furthermore, given how big this thing is, it only makes sense for it to have multiple access points: it comes with 3 wide doors, which will allow you to easily handle your ferrets no matter which level they’re on.

However, do be warned that given the huge size of this thing, there is a possibility of your ferrets falling down easily. So, if you have just one ferret, or if your ferrets are particularly light or small, then it might actually be better to get a smaller cage.

Highlighted Features

  • Very large size makes it highly suitable for multiple ferrets
  • Supremely durable and sturdy construction
  • Has a unique entrance and exit point for access and convenience
  • Can be folded up for portability and easy disassembly
  • The lockable and removable bottom tray allows for easy cleaning

5. M Cage 3 Levels Small Animal Cage

M Cage 3 Levels Small Animal CageThis is another great budget option that we’ve found. At a highly affordable price point, this cage offers a good combination of features that make it ideal for not just one, but even two ferrets.

First of all, you can tell that this cage has been designed for easy access. The dimensions of this thing are 24″L x 16″W x 24″H, which, combined with its 3 levels and two double doors, let you access the cage from whichever level you need to, and whenever you need to.

And speaking of easy access, cleaning this thing is also going to be pretty easy thanks to the slide-out bottom pan. Plus, because this thing is foldable, you can easily move it in and out of your home when you need to give it a thorough cleaning. If not, you can always use the easy-carry handles on top.

Your pet’s safety is also ensured with this cage. The bars are spaced at 3/8 inch intervals, which means your ferret won’t be able to slip through. And if your furry friend is particularly chewy, the epoxy coated finish promises to hold up for a decent amount of time.

All in all, this is a pretty good starter home if you’re just getting your ferret acquainted with his surroundings. It will also allow you to learn your ferret’s needs and behaviors over time. However, if you have more than one ferret or a particularly active one, then you may consider getting a larger one by spending a little extra.

Highlighted Features

  • The narrow 3/8 inch bar spacing ensures your ferret’s safety
  • Comes with two handles to allow for easy carrying
  • The ½-inch removable floor is made from wire
  • Foldable design makes the cage portable and easy to store
  • Easy enough to set up

6. go2buy Metal Ferret Playpen

go2buy Metal 3 Doors Rats Rabbit Ferret CageWhen they realize how fulfilling it is to have a ferret, the majority of ferret owners usually end up getting at least one more, if not 2 or 3. So this one is for all you ultra-ferret lovers out there—that too, at a steal of a price.

Standing at dimensions of 25.2”x16.9”x51.6” and with 5 well-supplemented levels, this cage is a perfect choice if you want to house all your ferrets together. And not just ferrets—because of the versatility of this cage, you can also house your hamster, rabbit, or guinea pig in with your ferret, if you have any.

A big cage like this is only worth your money if it provides accessibility, which this one does. The 5 included shelves not only give your pets ample space but can also be used to store their food tray, litter tray, and toys.

The 3 oversized front doors are super easy to access, whether you’re reaching in to grab your ferret or having a cleaning day. And if you need to move the cage around, that’s easily done as well, thanks to the casters.

Another feature we love on this thing is the included water bottle. With a 250ml capacity, it will ensure that your pets don’t go thirsty even when you’re absent.

And you can rest assured that while you’re away, your pets will stay safely confined. This is thanks to the 1-inch bar spacing, which is difficult to escape through and ensure that your ferret won’t get stuck.

There are some concerns about the durability of the product; however, given the price, we think this is a great option for mid-term use.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy iron frame construction
  • 5 level structure creates endless play possibilities
  • Great features at an affordable price
  • Features 5 shelves for storage
  • It comes with a food bowl and water bottle

7. AmazonBasics Small Animal Metal Pet Cage

AmazonBasics Small Animal Metal Pet Cage with WheelsAlthough this small cage from AmazonBasics is advertised primarily as an add-on cage, it also works great as a single one. Not only is it sturdy, strong, and stable, it also comes with an easily accessible ramp that will be perfect for anyone looking for single-ferret housing.

One thing you’ll notice right away is that the bars on this cage are placed horizontally instead of vertically. This innovation actually goes a long way in ensuring that your ferret doesn’t slip out or even succeed in creating a dent in the bars.

We’re also a fan of how easy it is to clean this thing. The shelves are easily removable, so even if you’re someone who prefers to clean the cage every day, you’ll barely notice the time it’s taking up. Plus, the included base pan has been designed to guard against leaks, in the case of accidents.

Plus, many users say that the best two story ferret cage they’ve used is by building levels with these very same AmazonBasics add-on cages. So, if you end up getting a new small furry friend for yourself, even if it’s not a ferret, you can pick one of these up for extra space.

However, it’s true that this isn’t the most affordable single-level cage out there. Also, even if you’re not a budget, you might have a ferret who is particularly active, in which case it’s recommended to get a bigger cage with more levels.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a removable shelf and leak-proof pan for easy cleaning
  • 4 locking wheel casters enable maneuverability and mobility
  • Removable platforms make cleaning easier
  • Comes with a lower shelf for toy and treat storage
  • The doors come with a dual-lock mechanism for added safety

8. Kaytee Ferret Home Plus

Kaytee Ferret Home PlusThe next cage on our list is another great 3-level option with a generous helping of platforms and added implements such as a spiral slide. Your ferret is going to have an absolute ball climbing through this plastic and metal habitat when he’s not resting cozily on one of the many shelves.

Standing at 24”x24”x44”, this cage is of an ideal height for up to three female ferrets or two male ferrets. And because of the versatility of the design, you can also house your guinea pig or rat in here as well.

Gaining access to the interior of the cage to handle your pets or to clean the cage is easy, thanks to the two front doors. However, since the platforms are not removable, cleaning this thing can be a little time-consuming.

Still, thanks to the scatter guard on the base tray, which itself is also removable, cleaning up after your ferret won’t be too difficult as long as you can dedicate some time to it every week. Furthermore, even though the cage itself is pretty heavy, moving it around is made easy thanks to the 4 wheels with casters.

The cage is also designed so that your feisty ferrets don’t find a way to escape—the tab locks are adjustable, enabling you to set it up according to your particular needs. Plus, the latches are made from durable material that is resistant to the chewing tendencies of your curious ferrets.

Overall, this is a pretty good cage; however, you might find better ones at the same price.

Highlighted Features

  • Sufficient space for installing implements such as tubes and hammocks
  • Enough space for up to 3 ferrets
  • A very affordable option as a starter home
  • The doors come with chew-proof latches
  • The base tray comes with a scatter guard

9. Yaheetech 4 Tier Metal Pet Playpen

Yaheetech Collapsible Large 3-Tier Metal Wire Pet Cat Kitten Ferret Chinchilla CageThere are enough 2 and 3-tier cages on this list already! We know that some of you have a larger-than-life love of ferrets. And that means you’re probably looking for the best 4 level ferret cage. We’re glad to say that we have a very good contender.

Yes—this 4 tier metal cage for small animals is the perfect choice for those with several ferrets or any combination of small animals. The dimensions of this cage are 32”x22”x48”—that’s right, it’s positively gigantic, and undoubtedly the biggest cage on our list.

And yet, despite how big it is, this thing offers great ease and convenience. For starters, it’s foldable; you can fully decompress it for storage or when you need to move it. That’s also what makes this cage so easy to set up—assembly takes only about half an hour.

Speaking of convenience, this cage also comes with wheels with brake casters. That obviously translates to great mobility. The two large front doors have a cabinet-style design and come with door latches for added security.

Furthermore, the bottom leak-proof plastic urine tray slides out for easy cleaning, as well. The 3 resting platforms are all adjustable, so you can mix and match to find the right levels for your ferret’s ideal exercising environment.

Oh, and did we mention that your purchase will include a bunch of free gifts? You’re getting a free hammock (and you already know, ferrets just love hammocks), a bed, and ladders.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a hammock for your ferrets to nestle in
  • Attractive black color will look good in most settings
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Extra-large size is suitable for up to 4 ferrets
  • Super affordable despite all the amazing features

10. AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Playpen

AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat CageWe’re finishing off our review list with one of the largest ferret cages out there. Because it’s actually meant for use as a cage for kittens or small cats, this is a really, really big cage—and that makes it perfect for you if you have several ferrets to give a home to.

With 36”x22”x51” dimensions, this 3-tier cage is more of a playpen, as the name suggests. When you’re not around, your ferrets are going to have the time of their lives hanging out here. There’s ample space for you to put in a hammock or a sliding tube, or anything else you think your ferrets would enjoy.

And that still leaves a lot of space for bedding, litter trays and food trays. Even if you’re housing several ferrets in this thing, the sheer size of it will ensure that the mess is compartmentalized.

Of course, before buying such a big cage, your main concern should be whether it’s made from durable and hardy material. We can tell you with confidence that this one is. And yet, despite being made from high-quality metal wire, the cage is still foldable for portability and convenient storage.

We’re also a big fan of the swing-open design of the doors. They allow you to access the spacious cage whenever you need to clean it or grab hold of one of your furry little friends.

However, do note that your ferrets might hurt themselves if they jump down from the top of the cage, so precautions will have to be taken for that. Still, this cage is available at one of the best prices available on the market right now, and we really don’t have any other complaints!

Highlighted Features

  • Has a convenient folding down design
  • Constructed from high-quality, durable metal wire
  • Comes with four smooth wheels with casters
  • Doors swing open for easy access
  • A great choice for housing multiple ferrets

Buying Guide For Ferret Cages

Like most products in the pet supplies industry, the market for cages is pretty big. But when it comes to choosing the best cage for ferrets, there are some special considerations, such as stability.

So, here’s what you need to consider before buying one.

Size and Levels

Even though the point of a cage is to keep your ferret confined, you don’t want them to actually feel confined or trapped. Instead, it should be a place for your ferret to sleep, eat, and, most importantly, have fun in (especially in your absence!).

So yes—it should be big. We’ll say it straight: the cage should be as big as your budget is able to accommodate.

This is especially true for ferrets that will be spending most of their time in the cage rather than with their owner. He will need a big space where you can provide him with toys to keep his need for activity fulfilled.

The number of levels in the cage is also an important consideration. Ferrets love to climb, not unlike monkeys. Having multiple platforms lets him do this with ease. The best cages are certainly the ones that come with multiple levels.

Additionally, this also separates the ferret’s feeding area, litter box, and sleeping area. Ferrets need a dedicated space where they will eat; more importantly, they typically do not like to eat where they defecate. And of course, they need a cozy spot to snooze in!


What determines the quality of a ferret cage? Obviously, the materials that have been used to build it. The best materials for the construction of a ferret cage are thought to be wrought iron and stainless steel.

But whichever option you go for, the mesh on the cage should always be at least one inch in size. This will ensure that your ferret doesn’t poke his head through it and accidentally get stuck, or worse, slip out unsupervised. To this effect, you should opt for a cage that has lockable entries.

You should also opt to buy a cage that does not come with any plastic coatings, but rather a powder coating. As highly active creatures, ferrets love nibbling and chewing on just about anything. If he starts chewing on his cage, and it has a plastic coating, your ferret might end up with an intestinal blockage, or worse, poisoning.

Picking a cage with a solid floor is also important to allow your ferret to walk comfortably. However, even if the cage you buy has a wired floor, then you can always cover it with bedding.

To be completely straightforward, the cage you pick for your ferret is only really as good as your budget. Well-built cages are rarely cheap, but they’re worth every penny. Remember, your ferret’s safety and comfort are of utmost importance to give him a long and healthy life.


It’s of great importance to buy a ferret cage that lets you access your little buddy easily. Ferrets are active little creatures, as you know; when you reach in to take him out, you’ll often need a good amount of arm space.

But more importantly, a cage with ease of access will allow you to clean it better. There’s no reason to make your life harder with a difficult to clean cage.

It’s always a good decision to go for cages that have adjustable shelves. This enables you to clean the cage without having to go to the trouble of removing all the parts.

Wide doors are another implement that will increase ease of access to your cage. They will not only allow you to reach in easily and handle your ferret comfortably; your convenience while cleaning will also be ensured.

Some ferret owners prefer cages that come with casters and wheels, as well. This obviously allows you to move the cage around with ease for a variety of purposes, such as taking your ferret out to the backyard for some fresh air.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I prevent a bad odor coming from my ferret cage?

First and foremost, make sure you clean your ferret’s litter box every day. Furthermore, you have to clean the cage regularly, at least every 5 to 7 days.

  1. How should I clean my ferret cage?

Just a small amount of your regular liquid detergent will do the trick to clean the bars of the cages. Wipe down the plastic shelves, ramps, and floors on a weekly basis.

  1. What is the best bedding for a ferret cage?

Definitely, soft blankets. Ferrets also love hammocks! You can easily string one up inside the cage. Do not use materials like wood chips as bedding.

  1. What should I put inside the ferret cage?

You should absolutely put down soft and comfortable bedding for your ferret. Next, provide a food tray and litter box, which should be spaced far apart (ferrets don’t like to eat where they defecate!). Last but not least, you must absolutely provide your ferret with an assortment of toys.

  1. What kinds of toys are most suitable for ferrets?

They love playing with fleece balls or noisemaking toys such as rattles. Ferret balls are another option; they come with holes in them to let your ferret climb in and out.


When it comes down to choosing the best ferret cage for you, it really depends on your individual needs. As we’ve seen, there are many types.

Our top pick is undoubtedly the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage—it fits all our criteria at a great price. If you have a big budget, though, the Midwest Critter Nation is definitely a better choice.

If you’re on a budget, we suggest the Mcage. And if you have a large family of ferrets, our favorite is the AmazonBasics 3-Tier Playpen.

And if none of these suits your fancy, why not head back to our buying guide and decide for yourself?

Whichever path you take, good luck!