Best Guinea Pig Cages – Ultimate Buying Guide

Guinea pigs are the best kind of pets to have. They are quiet, obedient, and easy to please. Moreover, they look so adorable and patient that you will want to give them the best accommodation possible. What you have to know is that it is important for your guinea pig to have lots of room and ventilation.

The best guinea pig cage should be big and needs to have a separate compartment for some grass, and fixtures where your little guinea pig will be able to live a long life full of activity. To save you the tremendous hassle, we have done our research and brought to you 10 ideal cages where your guinea pig will live in luxury.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 5 Picks of Best Guinea Pig Cages

ProductRatingCheck Price
Cage by Midwest4.5 Check on Amazon
Living World Deluxe4.5 Check on Amazon
Midwest Deluxe Critter Single4.4 Check on Amazon
ToysOpoly #1 Premium4.5 Check on Amazon
AmazonBasics Pet Habitat4.5 Check on Amazon

Best Guinea Pig Cages Reviews

Your guinea pig deserves the best cage in the world. Anything short of that will make your pet more restless than it already is by nature. So, with that understanding, we have compiled a list of the finest habitats for your guinea pig on the market. Take a look!

  1. Cage by Midwest

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by MidwestAccording to veterinarians, the best condition for your guinea pig is to live in a home that is at least 8 square feet of space. Keeping that in mind, this cage has been built by Midwest with the perfect dimensions. Besides having adequate space, this cage has some more features that will make your pet love it here!

Sometimes you have to put your guinea pigs within bars to keep it safe from predators. Other times, you will want to set the bars aside and keep your pig in a box with no top. With this cage, you will be able to do both. It has a panel top that is completely made of mesh and designed for maximum ventilation.

The top is multipurpose and removable. You can fold it easily and put it away as required. The mesh panel has cutouts that serve as doors and separate the box into a play area and a care unit. Lining at the bottom is PVC – a convenient material for a canvas because it can be washed as many times as necessary.

You won’t have to go searching for a replacement any time soon, as PVC is very strong and durable. Maintenance will be a breeze. And not only that, but your little pet will also love to walk around and play in it. The material provides great traction, which is a definite plus point for the pet’s incredibly sensible feet.

Setting up the cage is as simple as it can get. Following instructions, you will be able to put it up just within a few minutes. No extra tools will be necessary.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-access folding top for more safety and security
  • It has ramps that can be locked separately to make play-care units
  • Plenty of room inside
  • PVC-lined canvas will make your pet more enthusiastic about the movement
  • Easy to clean, separate into compartments and maintain

  1. Living World Deluxe

Living World Deluxe HabitatWhat your guinea pig need is a housing system that will give it every kind of comfort. You have to give the little fluffball enough room to move around, runabout, play, eat and sleep in. Along with these facilities, the cage must also keep your pet safe and allow a good amount of air to flow in and out.

Guinea pigs like lots of light and air. This special deluxe cage by Living World Deluxe is one of the top guinea pig habitats you will find in the budget. It is a hybrid cage with a wireframe as the top lid. The base at the bottom is made of plastic. Both these materials make the perfect combination for your pet to stay in.

Since the top is wired together, there will always be enough air for the pet to breathe. The upper part is basically open, while the bottom part provides good cover against cockroaches and other small insects. So, your pig will stay safe, secure, and relaxed in its home.

One of the wonderful features of this cage is a small balcony attached to an access ramp. This is a luxury that only a few companies incorporate in their designs. Then, it has a food tray that is secured in place so that it doesn’t tilt over and cause spills. Spills are a big hassle with these cages.

They make the cage wet and allow bacteria to grow if not cleaned properly. The cage needs to be kept dry and clean all the time. There is no lining at the base, so you will need to buy a soft lining made of PVC or some other material that is easy to clean.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has plenty of room inside for your pet to stay and play in
  • A lot of ventilation and light pours in through the wire cage
  • It has compartments that divide the cage into separate miniature rooms
  • Comes with a lovely attached balcony space
  • A secure food tray that doesn’t tip over

  1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Single

Midwest Deluxe Critter NationIf your pet has no other company besides you, then this will be the perfect living area for the lone fluffy rodent.  The cage is huge in size, and it has everything to keep your guinea pig fully satisfied in life. This cage measures 36 inches in height, which can be adjusted into 3 different height settings.

Inside the shelf, you will get adjustable shelves. Therefore, you will have a lot of control over what you choose to do with all this space. If you want to clean them, you can just lock up the cavy on one side while you open up the other side – the layers are all easily removable and washable.

Many cages have multiple compartments, but one small problem with all of them is that the size of the door is too small to get anything into the area. With this cage, you have no such problem as the gates are big enough to put in most things that are of the same size as your guinea pig.

You will be able to accessorize it in any way you please. The cage comes with a food pan and a covered ramp. It sits on a stand that has 4 locking wheels – and so even though the size of the cage is huge, you will be able to move it around from one place to another quite easily.

The top is made with vertical and horizontal wiring – this arrangement allows air and light to get in the whole living space, and it also doubles up as a climbing area for the little pesky rodent. Your cavy will happily stay in the critter all day, and you, too, will also enjoy the simple management of this cage to the fullest.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a food pan which makes it easy to keep and store food
  • The cage comes with good wheels which make it very easy to move
  • Plenty of air and space will flow in through the wiring on top
  • Can be divided into as many compartments as you want
  • It is very easy to put the cage together and that too without any tool whatsoever

  1. ToysOpoly #1 Premium

ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet PlaypenSometimes you need to give your pet what you could never have. It’s just like your own kid, after all. So why put it in a cage? Give it a proper cozy private room of its own in the form of a playpen. Playpens are the coziest abodes that anyone could get within modest expenses.

This large 8-panel playpen by ToysOpoly is the perfect tent for your little guinea pig. The panels allow the tent to fold into a very compact size. So, when your pet is not inside, you can easily clean up and put it away in any little corner of your house.

Zippers are both at the top and at the bottom – the bottom zipper is waterproof while the top is a removable one. Waterproofing the bottom zipper is a detail that you are going to appreciate very much in the long run. This is to protect the tent against rust in case your pet spills food or decides to take a bathroom break inside.

The entire tent, in fact, is made of water-resistant materials. Doors around the panels are also zippered. We hope you can understand how convenient it is to work and clean this tent. You can put blankets inside and a lot of pillows as well for your pet to be engulfed by.

The company has put a great deal of effort into making this area completely free of toxic or any other kind of hazard. It has been declared free of BPA and Phthalates, which are some substances that could potentially cause allergic reactions in your pet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very spacious and breathable
  • Can be customized to maximum levels of comfort by adding accessories
  • Fun, play area without any harmful toxins or chemicals
  • Easy to clean and manage
  • The tent is waterproof from all sides

  1. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

AmazonBasics Small Animal CageIf you have a lack of space in your house and still want to give your cavy the best you can afford, then this small but intricately built cage will come to your rescue. This cage is smaller than the ones we have been talking about, but it is by no means lesser in quality or comfort than any of them.

The cage is just the right size for your small pet. It also has all the features that are necessary to keep your pet completely safe and sound inside. The upper frame is built with iron wires – the bars are all evenly spaced, and they allow quite the amount of air and light to get through.

Guinea pigs like to stay in areas that are very well-lit. But they also have to be protected against small insects like cockroaches and other tiny house bugs. With that in mind, the lower part of the cage has been built with plastic. Not only just any plastic in the market, though.

Polypropylene plastic has been chosen for the structural design. This plastic is tougher, stronger than other plastic, and it also has a high resistance to both heat and moisture. As a result, your pet will have all the safety it needs. Against humidity, high temperatures, attack from other animals, and so on.

Other than the attributes of good structural design, you will also find accessories inside. The cage features a non-drip water bottle, and a hay guard to keep all the food and drinks away from the risk of spilling and ruining the hygiene inside the cage.

It also has a balcony with an access ramp attached to it. All in all, the perfect space-saving cage for the full comfort of your little guinea.

Highlighted Features:

  • The perfect, sturdy built necessary to keep your pet safe and secure
  • Plenty of air and light gets through the iron-barred frame
  • Arrangements have been made to prevent food and drinks from spilling
  • Comes with a water bottle, a food tray, a hay guard and a balcony
  • Very easy to clean and customize the area

  1. MidWest Homes

MidWest Homes for PetsGuinea pigs need company. Being such playful creatures, the more playmates you get for them, the happier they will be. If you are looking for a new cage for your pet, then get a great guinea pig cage for 2 because some time down the line, you are definitely going to get your furry buddy a flurry buddy of its own.

The cage that we have here for you is the perfect example of the criteria. It is an XL cage with broad dimensions that will easily house two guinea friends together. The cage has a deep base, where you will be able to make space for litter cans in a very convenient setup.

Where to keep the food tray, you wonder? Well, you don’t have to worry about that at all. The cage has an elevated feeding area with a food bowl and a water bottle built into its design. All the arrangements have been built-in, and you don’t have to worry about any other accessories at all.

The only thing you will have to add to the set up are soft toys, blankets, and pillows that will give your pets the cushiony comfort that they so desire. Guinea pigs are big munchers. They want to munch on something all the time – which is why there is a hay feeder installed inside the cage as well.

Just keep refilling the hay, and your guinea pigs will never have to go without food even for a second. This cage is the ultimate one-solution for all problems that are guinea-related.

Highlighted Features:

  • A deep base for keeping your pet safe and secure
  • The base has enough safe for holding litter cans
  • Comes with built-in food and water systems that are completely spill-proof
  • Very easy to assemble the cage
  • Using the side doors, you can customize it in any way you want
  1. Kennel-Aire “A-Frame

Kennel-Aire "A Frame Bunny HouseDurable and comfortable – these are two qualities that are embodied by this big cage you can get for your little guinea furries. Your pets will stay completely safe in this cage due to its strong wired settings and the arched roof at the top. The cage is made to mimic the appearance of a house so that your pet feels more at home.

The bars are made with thin but strong wires – they allow plenty of air and light. The two things that guinea pigs love as much as they love comfort and food. You can put all sorts of accessories inside, starting from soft and tiny stuffed animals to miniature cushions, blankets, and pillows.

The base is made with plastic, and it will be able to withstand all the running and stomping that your pig does. You can pull out the base at any time because it sits outside the wired frame – and in this way, it will be really easy to clean the pan without disturbing the pets.

There are two separate entrances to this cage, and they are made for really easy access into the cage. You will be able to put two guinea pigs inside the cage at a time, without compromising on their overall comfort. The cage is huge, but it sits on heavy-duty caster wheels, which makes it really easy to move from one place to another.

Assembling the cage is an easy task. Just follow instructions for a quick set up. No other tools or help will be necessary.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • The arched roof and strong wiring keep your pet secure
  • Moving the cage is no effort at all thanks to the caster wheels
  • Has entrances on two sides so that you have better access inside
  • Very easy to set up, clean and customize
  1. Yaheetech 37/52-inch

Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal CageThis is the most fun cage in this entire list. It is not a simple construction; it climbs up to three stories and gives your pet the real feels of living in a high-spirited environment. Get this for your guinea pig, and it will be completely ecstatic with the opportunities of movement inside.

It is one of the best guinea pig cages you can find in the market. The cage is built with powder-coated metal square tubes that are glossed over with non-toxic hammertone paint. The effect of all this varnishing is that the cage not only looks cool, to begin with but also has a lot of exterior toughness.

It can pull through changes in the environment without rusting or corroding, therefore, being more long-lasting than many other cages in the market. The whole thing sits on 4 wheel casters that are very durable and efficient in moving the cage from one place to another.

You can house multiple guinea pigs in this one cage, and they are not going to keep bumping on each other. It has 6 tiers where the guinea can rest after running around through the 5 connecting ramps. The ramps are all graced with stripes that create the perfect amount of friction for your pet to climb without slipping.

There are 3 doors on each of the 3 stories to give you easy access to the guinea pigs no matter where they are inside. The corners and the seams are all rounded and smoothed out so that your pet does not fall victim to unfortunate injuries.

Highlighted Features

  • The exterior has good chemical protection against moisture and heat
  • All the ramps are striped to build friction and prevent injuries
  • Doors at each of the three stories for easier access
  • Huge space where light and air pour in from all sides to house your pets
  • Has a metal mesh under the bar for all the droppings to go to
  1. Ware Manufacturing

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet CageIf you are not looking for anything as fancy as our last selection, then this might be the perfect cage for you. It is not too big, and yet it is the perfect guinea pig cage for 2. Guinea pigs are very sociable and playful. They like to have company, and you can easily help that by putting two pets in this cage at a time.

The interior layout of this cage is simple – it only has a barred top and a plastic bottom. There is enough space at the bottom part to bring in blankets and pillows to keep your pet comfortable during nap time. You can easily clean the plastic bottom using the large door at the front.

Guinea pigs are very excitable. You will often see them climbing up bars to start munching on them. This is a potential hazard for your pet as the paint may chip off and be ingested by your pet. However, with this cage, you don’t have to worry about any such food poisoning problems.

The wire has been coated entirely to give it a chew-proof texture. Nothing will go into the little stomach of your pesky pet. This also stands true for rust and dust. No matter the moisture in the air, the cage will be able to handle it all without getting rusted.

Highlighted Features:

  • You will have easy access to the pet through the large front opening bars
  • Very simple to clean and manage
  • Sturdy, durable plastic is used to coat the iron bars
  • Allows a lot of light and space
  • Bars hold food and water trays

  1. Cavie Guinea Pig Cage

Cavie Guinea Pig CageThis cage has the best compact build among all the cages we have discussed above. It has a small ramp that leads to the dining area. Underneath the dining area is a small cave that can be the perfect hideout for your little guinea pig. Guinea pigs love to play, hide, and seek. So, rest assured, this hideaway will be very much in use.

The food bowl in the dining is nice lime green in color, and it is fixed in place – a very necessary feature when you consider how restless and sudden the movements of your guinea pig are. On the sides of the bars, you will see that there is a large hay feeder as well.

You can always keep hay here without a mess. Whenever hungry, your flurry pet will be able to reach out and grab something to munch on all by itself. Never worry about any spills or food messes while you have this abode. The cage is a deep beige in color, which gives it a very hygienic appearance.

The top of the cage is made with wires, and the bars are spaced enough to give it a very wide-open appearance. Your pet will have plenty of air and light in this cage at all times. Cleaning is also a very easy task owing to the big gate that opens up to give you access to all the nooks and crannies.

Highlighted Features:

  • A lot of space and air is allowed inside
  • Has a cage inside to give your pet all the privacy it wants
  • You can easily customize the area by putting in blankets and soft toys
  • The food and water systems are built into the construction of the cage
  • Very easy to clean and manage the space inside

Buying Guide for Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are very sensitive creatures with a fun-loving spirit. They obviously can’t talk, but if they could, they would do it nonstop. Instead of talking, they use their energy to dart about. So, you have to choose a cage that allows them to do so with the most comfort.

Here are some specifications that the cage must have:

  • Ventilation

This is the first point we’d like to focus on because your pet is not going to like a cage even if it is huge in proportions if it doesn’t have good a good flow of air in and out of it. Get a cage that has wired bars on it, so that there is no barrier to light and air. Space has to be breathable and very lively.

  • Size

The minuscule size of your pet does not account at all for its energetic demeanor. You will be surprised to see how restless and jumpy these little furry creatures are. According to veterinarians, the cage must have at least 8 square feet of space available for free movement.

Add to that, the area for the food tray, the area for littering, a hay feeder, and a water bottle – you have a look for something that is above 8 feet.  And the more guinea pigs you have, even more, is the space that will be required.

  • Ease of Access

You will need to clean your pet on a daily basis. Remember that any germ or bacterial accumulation will only create more trouble for both your pet and you. In order to clean the cage regularly, you have to be able to reach all the corners. So, make sure that the cage has doors that are big enough to clean through.

  • Safe Materials

One of the things you will have to pay close attention to is the type of materials that the cage has been built with. Some cages are painted with chemicals that turn out to be toxic to breathe in. In such a case, you will be putting the life of your pet in danger if you are not careful.

Always look for cages that have been painted with chemicals that are free of BPA and phthalates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of bedding materials should I use?

The skin on your guinea pig is very sensitive. Use bedding that has been smoothed out – materials like recycled paper, dried pine, and aspen will do fine.

  1. How do I clean the cage properly?

Get the guinea pig out. Then detach or clean the base plastic first with antibacterial soap and water. After that, wipe the bars with a cloth soaked in the same antibacterial soap and wash it all away.

  1. What accessories can I add to make my guinea pig happier?

Treat the guinea pig like a small excitable human. Put soft toys inside, and blankets that will keep the cage a warm, cozy place. One of the must-have accessories is a hay feeder. If the cage doesn’t come with one already, then make sure to buy it.

  1. How much extra space do I need to add if I get a second guinea pig?

Ideally, guinea pig cages should be at least 8 square feet in size. That is the measurement for one. If you want to give a friend, you need to add an extra 3 square feet to the existing settings.

  1. Do I need to get professionals to assemble the cage?

Absolutely not. These cages come mostly assembled. If you have to add some extra accessories, you will be able to do so by following simple instructions on the manual all by yourself.


We hope you were able to find the best guinea pig cage for your fluffball by following this article. If we were to make a suggestion, we’d definitely suggest the one from Yaheetech, as it has the potential to keep your pet most active and playful. Among the simple ones, we’d suggest the cage by Midwest.

Whichever one you pick, make sure you clean it properly every day and keep it clean and hygienic.