5 Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

As a pet parent, you will probably do anything for your fur babies. You’ll scoop up litter every day. Yes, you’ll even scoop it from where kitty tracks it everywhere inside your home.

But there’s no reason why you should continue to do so because something called non-tracking cat litter exists! We know, crazy, right?

But don’t let us just tell you, but show you what we mean, with a look at some of the best non tracking cat litters currently available on the market. You will also be given a more in-depth look at how non-tracking cat litter works, and what to consider before buying some.

So let’s get started!

In a Rush? – Check Our Top 5 Picks of Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

How Does Non Tracking Cat Litter Work?

The first thing you need to know before we get into our non tracking cat litter reviews, is that a fully non-tracking cat litter is kind of a myth. But with a better look at how some of the best brands on the market ensure low tracking, you’ll understand what to look for.

Usually, litter comes in two types: clumping and non-clumping. The former, as the name suggests, has the ability to “clump” or bind together after your cat has gone to the bathroom.

Conversely, non-clumping litter is made to be extra solid and sturdy so that it’s difficult for the individual pieces to get into the cat’s paws, which is how tracking happens.

Another popular choice is pellet litter, in which, because the pieces are larger than traditional litter-box material, it’s more difficult for it to get stuck in between the cat’s paws.


5 Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

So without further ado, we now present to you our top picks of cat litter that doesn’t track. We hope our hours of research and analysis come in handy.

  1. Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Premium Clumping Cat LitterThe first non-tracking cat litter we have selected for your consideration is one of the highest-rated ones out there, and in our opinion, there is a good reason for this.

Not only is it the perfect choice for a household with allergic members, but it’s also dust-free, so if you or your cat are particularly sneezy people, you’re gonna like this.

The litter’s ability to keep your allergies at bay is due mostly to its unique formula, which allows it to be 99.99% dust-free, according to the manufacturers.

We’re also a fan of the size and type of the litter granules with their impressive clumping ability and convenient medium size, which ensures that moisture doesn’t seep to the bottom of the pan. And of course, your cat won’t be able to track this out as easily with her paws.

This litter can also be counted on to keep odor almost completely at bay thanks to its absorbent properties. This also makes it an ideal choice for households with multiple cats—we know that can get yucky and annoying very quickly.

So there’s not much we can complain about; however, you know your cat better than anyone, so first, consider whether he might oppose the larger granules.

Highlighted Features

  • Almost completely dust-free litter reduces cleaning hassle
  • Effectively absorbs moisture and odor for continued freshness
  • Does not contain chemicals or artificial scent
  • Reasonably priced, especially for the quality
  • Comes in different quantity specifications for convenience
  • A great choice for homes with multiple cats

  1. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Litter

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum LitterIt’s highly unlikely that you have ever made a trip to the superstore without seeing the name Arm & Hammer plastered across a varied range of home-related products. These guys have made their name in so many ways already, that they didn’t have to come out with a game-changing cat litter, but they did anyway.

And we mean it when we say game-changing. As much as we love our cats and taking care of them, litter odor definitely takes some getting used to. This litter comes to solve all of your odor problems in a jiffy.

And the manufacturers have no qualms about telling you their secret: baking soda! Their own formula, of course, which is highly effective and is by itself a highly sought-after product.

As for the litter itself, the size is micro-granular, meaning it can be compared to sand in its consistency. In our experience, cats usually love such types of litter; at any rate, it makes bathroom time much more fun for them. The best part, though, is that the litter manages all this while being almost completely dust-free.

Yes, all dreams can come true—even your wildest cat-litter dreams!

Highlighted Features

  • Effectively keeps odor away for longer and masks it with a neutral scent
  • The highly efficient clumping formula allows for easy cleaning
  • Able to be dust-free despite the sandy texture
  • Ideal for multi-cat homes due to its superior odor-masking ability
  • Incorporates the brand’s baking soda into the formula

  1. World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Formula

World's Best Cat LitterYes, you read that title right. But do they mean it?

First and foremost, we want to talk about the odor-control ability of this litter. Combined with a pleasantly neutral scent, its moisture-absorbing ability works to keep odor away.

Secondly, this is clumping litter, which means it’ll bind together once it comes into contact with feces or urine. Not only does this ensure lower tracking, but it also makes it easier for you to scoop the box.

But undoubtedly, our favorite thing about this litter is the fact that it can be flushed away extremely easily. Usually, we don’t recommend flushing cat poop or litter, but sometimes the situation calls for it, and with this litter, you won’t have to worry about flush-ability.

To top it all off, it’s also dust-free, thanks to the almost completely organic composition of the granules. This is thanks to the fact that it’s made from plant-based ingredients, which also means it’s an eco-friendly litter.

It’s true that this isn’t the most affordable cat litter out there, but given the features we have described, we think it’s definitely worth it. Besides, would you really expect the best cat litter in the world to come for free?

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a choice of 28- and 7-pound options for your convenience
  • Has an eco-friendly formula made from whole corn kernels
  • Can be flushed down the toilet for added convenience
  • Has a dust-free and lightweight formula to keep allergies at bay
  • Clumps easily and quickly to facilitate easy scooping

  1. ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat LitterThe next litter we’ve selected for your consideration is from a brand that you may not have heard the name of, but will definitely come to remember for a long time.

Why do we say that? Because there’s so much to love about this product!

The clumping quality enables swift absorption of both odor and moisture while making cleaning an easier and more tolerable task for you.

Adding to this is the fact that the litter is also almost completely dust-free, thanks to its unique wood fiber make-up. This same wood fiber composition is also what works to keep odor out for up to 7 days (sometimes more, according to some users who went on vacation without their cat!).

Add to all of this the fact that this litter is completely biodegradable, which also makes the litter flush-able (should the situation arise). Sure, biodegradability is not directly a part of what makes litter worth buying, but in the times we’re living, it’s always a good feeling to be able to act responsibly for the health of the planet.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a special variation for long-haired cats
  • Available in different size specifications for different needs
  • The formula allows for easy clumping and absorption
  • Does not come with artificial scents or chemicals
  • Made with eco-friendly wood fiber that allows it to be flushable

  1. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

Purina Yesterday's News Non Clumping Paper Cat LitterWe’re closing our list of the non tracking litter most worth your consideration with a highly-rated and highly innovative solution from Purina. As the name suggests, this litter is made from paper.

But not just paper: recycled paper. Buying this litter wouldn’t just be about receiving tree-hugger brownie points; however – there are distinct benefits of using paper-based pellets.

First of all, they’re twice (or thrice, according to the manufacturers) as absorbent as traditional clay-based options. This means that moisture and odor will be absorbed much faster and much more efficiently.

Meanwhile, thanks to the lack of an added fragrance, odors are almost completely neutralized. Adding to this is the fact that the litter is almost completely dust-free; your worries about dust clouds when you’re filling the dust box will go away as soon as you start using this thing.

Yes, this might be one of the most expensive options out there for non tracking cat litter, but it’s absolutely worth it given the litter’s features. Plus, the cost of keeping the environment safe is high—and it really is high time that we start paying Mother Nature back if you ask us.

Highlighted Features

  • Unscented paper pellets absorb thrice as much moisture
  • Has an impressive ability to keep odor at bay
  • The lack of small particles lowers the possibility of tracking
  • Comes in 6-pound or 30-pound specifications for your particular needs
  • Almost completely dust-free to reduce cleaning hassle and allergic reactions
  • Made without adding harmful chemicals or additives


What to Look for in Non Tracking Cat Litter

The best cat litter that doesn’t track may come in many different kinds of packaging or boast any number of features. But as long as you’re looking out for the following factors, you’re good to go. To save you from the stress of going through too many products, here, we’ll help you find the ideal pick by talking about the features that matter.

Non-Clumping vs. Clumping

As we have already discussed, non-clumping and clumping are the two main types of cat litter. Both have benefits: while clumping litter binds together after the kitty has finished going to the bathroom, non-clumping litter does not.

While clumping litter gets a reputation for being more likely to be tracked out, the fact of its binding together, in fact, sometimes prevents this.

But it really depends on how furry your cat is, because the furrier he is, the more likely the litter is bound to get stuck in his paws. So choose accordingly.

Odor Control

For many, this is the most important feature for cat litter, and we kind of agree: if odor can’t be trapped by the litter, we don’t really see the point.

On this front, clumping litter tends to work best. This is due to their natural ability for absorption. However, if your litter is placed outside your home, then you may be able to skip this step comfortably.

Hypoallergenic and Dust-Free Capabilities

Whether the litter you choose must have these features depends on your particular needs. However, even if you think you don’t need hypoallergenic litter, it’s better to choose that in the first place rather than finding out too late than you, your cat, or other family members might be allergic to the litter. Keep in mind that some litters are made from recycled paper.

Dust-free litter, on the other hand, is seen as being essential by many cat owners. Even the best low tracking cat litter can produce dust when you’re shaking it out into the litter box. That obviously gives rise to a number of irritating complications.

Size of Granules

Yes, this factor can make a difference. Usually, the main culprit of litter that gets tracked out easily is if it comes in large granules.

Furthermore, if you’re also making use of a tracking mat, then larger granules are also more likely to be left behind than smaller ones.

How to Use Non Tracking Cat Litter

Beyond just putting the litter in the litter box, there are a few other ways to prevent litter tracking.

First off, purchase a litter mat and put it outside the litter box, which in most cases, will result in a reduction of the amount of litter that stays stuck to kitty’s paws.

Next comes the litter box itself. Consider investing in one litter box that comes with a trackpad built-in. Furthermore, you could also consider one that has high sides or top entry. This is usually a winning combination for low tracking.

Finally, remember to clean the litter box every day; if your cat encounters dirty litter when doing his business, he will dig to find clean litter, which will cause the existing litter to break up and scatter.

Why Do You Need Non Tracking Cat Litter?

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you already know the answer to this question. If you need a little more persuasion, though, keep reading.

It Makes Scooping Easier

Most non-tracking clumping cat litter has moisture-absorption abilities. This allows for more hassle-free scooping.

Keeps Your Home Cleaner

Pretty much the whole point of non tracking cat litter is to reduce clutter and increase cleanliness in your home. This one is pretty much a no-brainer.

Odor Control

The absorbent litter usually also has the ability to absorb odor. This prevents the odor of feces from mingling with the chemicals of the litter.

Makes Litter Training Easier

You already know that litter training can be annoying for both you and your cat. With non-sticking, non-tracking litter, however, the process can be made significantly easier. In fact, the non tracking cat litter is one of the 2 favorite things of my cat, the other being the cat stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I buy non tracking cat litter?

There are several good reasons, but the main one is that it allows for easier and more sustainable cleanliness for you, your cat, and your home. Furthermore, it also helps with odor control and litter training.

  1. Does the size of the litter granules matter?

Most certainly. The bigger the granules of the litter, the less likely it is that it will get stuck in your cat’s feet. However, a lot also depends on the shape and clumping ability of the litter.

  1. What extra steps can I take to prevent litter tracking?

Get your cat a tracking pad to place right beside his litter box, or buy a litter box with a built-in pad. Additionally, remember to clean the litter box daily. Also, it also helps to trim your cat’s paw fur if she has particularly long fur.

  1. What is the difference between clumping and non-clumping litter?

It’s in the name: while clumping litter has the ability to bind together and form “clumps,” the other does not. There are marked benefits of both kinds, which you can read about if you scroll up above.

  1. What is the best non-tracking cat litter?

We’re big fans of all the litter we’ve reviewed today; however, the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Litter definitely stands out thanks to its clumping and odor-free formula, along with a unique sandy texture.


Final Thoughts

Finding the best non tracking cat litter can greatly improve the quality of your life. In our humble opinion, the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Litter definitely comes close to fitting that title, for a number of reasons.

On the other hand, if you’re concerned about the environment and don’t mind spending extra, why not consider World’s Best Cat Litter?

In any case, we hope this article helped, and that your cat-filled home is always fresh, clean, and nice-smelling!